ABB 31 Basic Unit 07KT97 NOV

FOB Price: USD $1 - $111 / Piece
Model Number: ABB 31 Basic Unit 07KT97 NOV
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece / Pieces
Supply Ability: 0 Piece / Pieces per Month
Delivery Detail: 3 days

Name;Jimpei+++Email; +++QQ;2851195482



We have tens of thousands of industrial automation parts and spare parts storage, ready to ship.

All spare parts and spare parts have one year warranty.

If you order more than 1 items, please contact us, we can offer you discount.

We only use express delivery of spare parts,

If you find other suppliers to offer a lower price for the same product, we would like to offer you a further discount on your price. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

We await your enquiry.

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AB 1747-L552

AB 1747-L552

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AB 1756-CN2

AB 1756-CN2R

AB 1756-CN2R

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14755-123 Power Supply

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15060-S11HL Moore 375C Moore 375C Vertigage

15060-S9GG Moore 375C Moore Model 375C Vertigage

15738-119 Moore Mounting Case With 40 Terminals

15738-120 Moore Mounting Case With 20 Terminals

15738-71 Moore 352 Display Assembly

15768-101 15768-101 BBB Computer Pulse Input

15768-112 15768-112 BBB Computer Pulse Input

15768-113R 15768-113 BBB Computer Pulse Input

15770-202 15770-202 BBB 352 Expansion Board

15770-217 15770-217 BBB 352 Expansion Board

15770-220 15770-220 BBA 351 Expansion Board

15819-107 15819-107 BBF,BBG Thermocouple and

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